Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Rutger is 26 and seems like a very optimistic type of guy. He had an x-girlfriend that cleared out his bank account, so he is back at home with his parents, and starting out brand new on building his nest egg. He already has a new girlfriend, but this time he is being a little more cautious.
I like the new girlfriend already, as she knew that he was coming out here to do a couple videos and seemed fine with it. It took him a couple months to nurse his wounds before jumping back into the dating pool, but I am glad to hear he is taking it slow. Despite the reset on his life, he seems very happy and stable.
He has a hot stocky build to him, and I love his body hair and his scruffy beard. Totally suits him. He has about a 7 inch cock, but it gets super fat and thick when fully charged-up. Even with his steady girl, he jerks-off at least once a day.
Rutger was only a little nervous for doing the solo. It didn't take him long to get hard, and he enjoyed playing to the cameras. He wasn't as excited about showing off his ass, but he does his best.
His cum shot is really quite nice. He focuses real intently to make a nice load shoot out of his thick cock.


  1. He needs to dump the girlfriend and start playing for our team and I'll be glad to get him started. I'll rev up that chubbie for him so hard it will never go down.