Monday, 22 September 2014


Raoul is a good natured guy who knows when to turn up the intensity, but also knows how to kick back and just enjoy the good times. An east coast gym rat with aspirations to become a professional body builder, Raoul is serious about his training, and his body shows the fruit of his hard labor, as he flexes his massive arms and chest, straining his chiseled back as he curls a heavy load. After his workout, Raoul is pumping a different sort of heavy load, as he reclines on the bench and flicks his cock into action, rubbing at its base before flogging it fast & furiously. Standing up, he flexes his legs, tightening his ass muscles as he stares in the mirror, giving himself a good smack on the cheek and then laying back down on the changing bench where he goes for broke, losing his load underneath the lights of the gym as it puddles up, milky white on his stomach.Enjoy!


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