Saturday, 26 July 2014


Handsome footballer Ross, 24, chats about football, and the type of guy he likes, and how he keeps so fit. Then the solo begins, with Ross taking off his sports vest to reveal his tight lean muscular body with an incredibly ripped six pack. Playing with his crotch, he gets a nice bulge in his shoots, then takes them off. His hard stiffie sticks up under his white boxers, and he plays with it for a while. Taking off his undies, Ross gently plays with his throbbing uncut dick, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head, then rubs on some lube, making it glisten and throb even harder, and gets into some nice slow jerk off action. Very hot as his abs bulge as hard as his cock. He stands up, giving us more great angles of his hot body as he slowly wanks, plus some hot hands free action as he strokes his nipples and six pack, cock throbbing the entire time.  Moving back to the sofa, his whole body shiny with sweat, and looking even more ripped, Ross continues jerking off his nicely lubed up dick, clearly close to cumming, but keeping himself on the edge for a while, so we get plenty of great angles and close ups as he gets closer and closer, til he finally releases it, as his dick starts pumping out thick white spunk onto his abs, with more jizz dripping down over his fingers .  he rubs it into dick and gives a final sexy look to camera.

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