Thursday, 17 July 2014


28 year old footballer James Hard is a confident, sexy lad, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a high sex drive and a huge uncut cock! Starting off with some bulge groping, James takes off his vest to reveal his very broad chest and well developed pecs.  he plays with his big nipples then pulls down his shorts. James has a seriously massive throbbing bulge straining against his white boxers, and takes his time stroking and squeezing it, giving us plenty of huge hard bulge action, before taking it out.  What a hot cock this lad has, huge, almost nine inches, with plenty of foreskin and bulging veins running along it.  Rubbing plenty of spit into the head, James jerks off slow, showing off his big meat, and gives us some very hot hands free action too as he strokes his chest, his throbbing dick twitching. On the sofa now, James gets his dick real shiny with tons of lube, shows it off to the camera some more and gets into more awesome cock play, with a dick that is permanently rock solid.  He takes his time, building himself up gradually.  his big sweaty pecs and abs stiffen.  his cock head throbs and bulges, and he pumps it hard till the hot white spunk starts pumping out hard, several heavy jets of it, all over his six pack and then dripping down over his fingers and cock.  Sensational. 

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