Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Author: RandyBlue

Tyler Wolf is no stranger to the gay porn world, his boyfriend is one of the hottest guys in the business. The one and only Mr. Austin Wolf. And we are glad to finally get a hold of Tyler here at Randy Blue. He has these gorgeous steel gray bedroom eyes that will make you melt and submit to his any whim. This boy both bottoms and tops, he has a gorgeous muscled body, a thick cock and an incomprehensible bubble butt. Basically he is your dream boyfriend. We started with Tyler stripping off his shirt. He then goes to the mirror and watches himself as he removes the rest of his clothes. He pulls out his rock hard cock and lets the gay porn games begin. He bends over and shows off his hole. He then moves it over to the bed and begins to finger fuck himself nice and hard. He loves feeling his finger go in and out of his hungry butt. Then he rolls over and jerks his meat nice and hard until a geyser of cum busts out. Austin is one lucky fella, and now we are too. Watch the free gay porn trailer at Randy Blue.

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